Rights of Way

The Community Council has been working in partnership with Carmarthenshire County Council in order to improve public access to footpaths across Llanwinio.

Any issues with regard footpaths that raised by members of the parish to the community council are referred to the Carmarthenshire County Council.

The footpaths in the parish are very important asset of the community and need to be protected.

We would like to remind all landowners who have footpaths crossing their land that all public footpaths may be walked by any member of the public at any time and it is unlawful to deny access to, or to harass any person legitimately using any right of way.

Landowners have a responsibility to ensure that routes do not become obstructed or inaccessible as a result of their actions.

The principal responsibilities of landowners are to:

  • Maintain stiles and gates in good order. The county council often assist here by carrying out works on the landowner's behalf, however landowners should remain aware of their responsibilities.
  • Cut back encroaching/overhanging vegetation.
  • Avoid obstructing paths
  • Reinstate paths that run across fields within two weeks of ploughing and ensure paths are then kept clear of crops.
  • Refrain from keeping a dairy bull over 10 months old in any field crossed by a public right of way.
  • Refrain from keeping a beef bull over 10 months old unless accompanied by cows or heifers in any field crossed by a public right of way.
  • Refrain from any actions which may deter members of the public from using a public right of way.

Carmarthenshire County Council has a website for Rights of Way that provide some very useful resources including:

Online Maps of Public Rights of Way for the Parish

Information for Landowners

Rights of Way improvement plan

Please note the latest definitive map of the rights of way can be found visiting

Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park
Heol Hirwaun Olau
Tumble, Llanelli
SA14 6HU


01554 742216

A 1965 version of the definite map of the rights of way is currently held with the Llanwinio Community Clerk.